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University of Colorado. Session 1017/5420 Training for HR Go-Live - Planning Through Implementation (PS HRMS version 7.51). Presenter: Kaye Orten, Director, Change Management University of Colorado. University of Colorado Profile. Dedicated project team 1200 HR users 5 campuses

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University of colorado
University of Colorado

  • Session 1017/5420 Training for HR Go-Live - Planning Through Implementation (PS HRMS version 7.51)


Kaye Orten, Director, Change Management

University of Colorado

University of colorado profile
University of Colorado Profile

  • Dedicated project team

  • 1200 HR users

  • 5 campuses

  • Went live with Finance Version 7.0 public sector GL, AP, PO July 1, 1999

  • 80% of end users use both HR and Finance applications

Profile page 2
Profile, page 2

  • Dedicated training team and training facilities

  • Citrix is used as front end to accommodate both MAC and PC users; also provides shadowing capability on the help desk

  • Used PeopleSoft EUT for HR training


  • Prior to HR training

  • What we learned from Finance training the year before

  • Pre-training steps - HR

  • Formal classroom training

  • Other resources: labs, practice area

  • Go-live support

Agenda page 2
Agenda, page 2

  • Training transition to campuses - letting go

  • Post go-live user communication

  • Changes incorporating user feedback

Prior to hr training
Prior to HR training :

  • User inventory/needs assessment

  • Basic computer skills workshops

  • Managing imposed change workshops

  • PS tutorial on web site

  • Trained 1900 finance users

  • People were already familiar with infrastructure and PS navigation

What we learned from finance training
What we learned from Finance training

  • What we learned in Finance, we incorporated into Human Resources training

  • Engage users up front

  • Control the # of people being trained to those who really need it

  • Have the Service Center up front

What we learned page 2
What we learned, page 2

  • Customize the training data base as much as you can given the time you have

  • Use non-directed exercises - make people think

  • Provide step by step guides as part of the initial training material

Pre training steps hr
Pre-training steps - HR:

  • Tried to minimize impact of security class and row level security problems by having every staff person test security prior to go-live. We didn’t test workflow as much as we should have.

  • HR is different than finance - it has to work from day 1, especially when you have a payroll deadline your first week

Pre training steps page 2
Pre-training steps, page 2

  • Build confidence in your employees - answer the two key questions - Will I get paid ? Will the staff that I work with get paid ? Strategy : sample payroll advice

Formal classroom training
Formal classroom training

  • Training goals: available on-going high quality user friendly

  • PS End-User Training - customized for many CU processes and panels in both EUT and online library

Other resources
Other resources

  • Practice area available from desktop

  • HR implementation was delayed twice - we trained on original spring schedule. Took several steps to keep activities fresh in the interim

    • Sent out practice area exercises prior to go-live

    • Conducted a 1/2 day required refresher

Go live support
Go-live support

  • Extensive go-live support centered in classrooms, around each payroll cycle, Maintained this level of support for 6 months to help off-load phone call volume from the PBS call center.

  • Call center (help desk) within the Payroll & Benefit Services Center had dedicated line for PS questions

Training transition to campuses letting go
Training transition to campuses - letting go

  • Re-wrote training to work from the practice area. The practice area is defined as one of production-supported environments.

  • Carried new user training/support for 8 months and then transitioned this to the Payroll & Benefit Services Center.

Post go live user communication
Post go-live user communication

  • Working groups in key areas

  • Open forums

  • Refresher training on request

  • User Alerts

  • Help Desk

  • Step by step guides

Changes incorporating user feedback
Changes incorporating user feedback

  • Software customizations

  • Process changes

  • Feedback mechanisms User Alerts Step by step guides Web pages

Questions ???

  • Kaye Orten University of Colorado Director, Change Management

  • phone: (303) 492-9382

  • email:

  • fax: (303) 492-9883