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Emmaline Bothe. Introduction .

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  • Hello, my name is Emmaline Bothe. I am 18 and currently a senior at Fraser high school. I have three brothers and one sister. I am the youngest in the family. I have a cat named Kiara, and two dogs. I have the best friends in the world and dont know what I would do without them. I am involved in abunch of clubs within my school as well as a member of the varsity swim team. I work with my church every fourth Sunday in the Sunday school rooms. Im a very busy person.

Friends family and leadership
Friends, Family, and Leadership

  • Family means the world to me. I have a huge family and am very family orientated.

  • My friends are everything to me. My best friends have been there through everything and always will.

  • Leadership is so important to me. I have always been a leader.

Me as a leader
Me as a leader

  • Things that have prepared me to be a leader would have to be all the clubs Im involved in such as,

  • Go Green, we collect the plastic from classrooms and recycle it.

  • Fraser 4A's, we go around and help the community.

  • SYNC, we help the incoming freshman.

  • And much more.


  • I have not signed my self up for any of the clubs im in. I get chosen to join. I join these clubs because it makes me feel better knowing that im helping someone. I live to help people. I also love to help out the community as in the greens!


  • leadership within my family is huge. I have four nephews and one neice. so I have to always be carefull and make the right chocies. I hope that I can show them to do what they want and they thrive for a challenge. One of my nephews is a sophmore and one will be a freshman next year. I love talking to them about the sports they do or want to do, also we talk about colleges alot. I love to help them do things that will look good for college because I want the best for them.


  • I have always been a leader within my friends. When I joined the swim team a week later my best friend joined. I love to get them involed in the groups im involved in. I love to see them standing on top with me.

Leadership position
Leadership Position

  • I will be attending Macomb Community College for my basic classes. Then I will be transferring to Western Michigan University.

  • I want to be a elementary school teacher, as well as a special ed teacher.

  • Western has a special ed program, and within that program you graduate with two degrees. since I also want to be a elementary teacher I will graduate with three drgrees.

  • I would also love to go to a country like Africa and teach with missionaries.

To further prepare
To Further Prepare

  • To prepare my self for college and the real world I am getting a job. I have decided to get a job at a hospitial as a patient sitter. With this job I can pick the days and hours I work so I can go to school too. Also when I go to Western I will be able to get a job at the local hospital.

  • For school I will work 110% on everything. college means everything to me because this is going towards what I want to be.


  • Im very patient

  • Im a good listener

  • Im hard working


  • I can benifit from those characteristic because I will need to be very patient with the carrer I want.

  • It is always good to be a good listener.

  • I need to be a hard worker to be successful.


  • I always stress about everything.

  • I am emotinal.

  • I am indecisive.


  • To overcome these weaknesses I need to learn that everything will be okay and not stress.

  • I dont know what to do about being emotional.

  • I need to make desions and go with my gut.

Lasting impression
Lasting Impression

  • I am driven to become the best teacher and leader that I can possibly be. I also cant wait to go and help teach in other countries. I hope that my neices and nephews look up to me and believe that they can do anything they set their mind to. I will be the first one in my to go away to college and become someone important.