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Help save the environment by doing helpful things like what is presented in this PowerPoint. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WAYS TO SAVE THE ENVIROMENT. Help save the environment by doing helpful things like what is presented in this PowerPoint. By Toby and Amy. What is happening to the earth?.

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Help save the environment by doing helpful things like what is presented in this PowerPoint.

By Toby and Amy

What is happening to the earth
What is happening to the earth?

For the past few years humans and animals have been creating problems all over the earth. Although we have done most of the damage, we are leaving the animals to suffer for it. For a long time animals have been becoming endangered and extinct and problems like global warming have been ruining our world. Unfortunately not many people know how much it is affecting our every day life.

Earth hour
Earth Hour!

Earth Hour is an hour when lots of people don’t turn on the lights, the television and every thing that runs on electricity. Last year on March the 31st the first earth hour was held in Sydney for Australia. This year on March the 29th, earth hour was held in Australia. Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra and a few more witch was a total of 28 cities all participated in Earth Hour. 350 cities were supporting the cities that did do earth hour. There was all so lots of other countries like the Philippines, Canada, Romania and lot’s more who also did earth hour with there states. This year (2008) Australia held Earth Hour from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.

Try doing Earth Hour to help save our world!


Animals are becoming extinct because of litter, loss of habitat, loss of food and water and because of pollution and the human ways. Lot’s of animals have also become extinct because of this. Some endangered animal names are: cheetah, black wolf, black panther, lynx, whales, polar bears and turtles.

Problems with our planet

  • Littering.

  • Hunting (makes animals extinct).

  • Using to much electricity, energy and water.

  • Animal testing

  • Animals eating each other and more animals are becoming extinct

  • climate

Ways to save our planet

  • Put a bucket under the water In the shower when you are adjusting the temperature. Use the water in the bucket for garden or feeding the dogs or cat.

  • Join in with Earth Hour.

  • Have short showers.

  • Don’t use to much electricity.

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

  • Use candles at night when your eating.

  • Use darker globes like 40 to 60 watt in stead of 100.

  • Make sure no taps are on or dripping same with the shower.

  • Turn off your hot water system when you are going to be away for at least a week.

  • Ride a bike to school if you live close to your school.

  • Pee on the lemon tree because they love your urine.

Green house gas
Green House Gas

  • Green house gas is a gas that pollutes the atmosphere and produces the hole in the ozone layer. That becomes a problem, because the sun’s hot and deadly rays get in through the hole. The heat that gets trapped in, creates droughts and serious cases of skin cancer, and that can cause death for many humans and animals!

Ways to help our planet at school
Ways to help our planet at school!

  • Turn the lights off when the computers are on.

  • When they are not on, turn off the power on the computers.

  • Use the 5star electric gear i.e., fridge, oven, stove.

  • Get solar panels.

No no s

  • Don’t use plastic bags

  • Do not litter under ANY circumstances

  • Do not catch more fish than you need

  • At night don’t have all the lights on.

  • Don’t take no notice of every thing in this advice giving power point.

Yes yes s

  • Put bells on your cats to prevent them from catching endangered birds and other pray animals.

  • buy only as much food as you shall need.

  • Read a book or play out side instead of playing the computer or watching TV.


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