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British Isles. Two Islands Make up the BI. Nickname is Britain. 1) Great Britain (island) 2) Ireland (island) 1) Great Britain contains: A) United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales) 1) Ireland contains: A) Republic of Ireland B) Northern Ireland (UK). Flag of Uni ted King dom.

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British isles
British Isles

Two Islands Make up the BI

Nickname is Britain

  • 1) Great Britain (island)

  • 2) Ireland (island)

  • 1) Great Britain contains:

    A) United Kingdom

    (Scotland, England, Wales)

  • 1) Ireland contains:

    A) Republic of Ireland

    B) Northern Ireland (UK)

Flag of uni ted king dom
Flag ofUnitedKingdom

  • The Union Jack contains three main symbols: the red cross of St. George on a white background (for England), the white diagonal cross of St. Andrew on a blue background (for Scotland), and the red diagonal cross of St. Patrick on a white background (for Ireland).

Uni ted king dom about size of oregon
UNITED KINGDOM(about size of Oregon)

Flag of UK



Uk facts
UK Facts

  • GDP: $33,000

  • Currency: British Pound

  • Garbage = Rubbish

  • Cookies =Biscuits

  • Gasoline= Petrol

  • Truck =Lorry

  • Diapers =Nappies

  • Restroom= Loo

United kingdom facts
United Kingdom Facts

  • Bagpipes were introduced to Scotland from Ireland.

  • In Wales, there are more sheep than people.

  • The first Christmas card was created in England in the 19th century.

  • Mary Stuart became queen of Scotland when she was only six days old.

  • More redheads are born in Scotland than in any other country. More than 10 percent of the population are redheads.

  • England helped develop many of the world’s favorite sports, including football (soccer), boxing, and tennis.

  • The UK has no written constitution.

  • Underground means subway.


  • Are important because:

  • Hydroelectric Power

  • Trade

  • Connect Ports- London

    Liverpool TO SEA




Hyde Park

  • Rains over 300 days a year.

  • Cool winters and summers.

Population 61 3 million
Population (61.3 million)

  • 90% of all the people live in Cities.

  • AGES:

Agriculture food



Average farm: 165 acres

Employees less than 2% of workforce

Important crops: wheat, potatoes, oats, sugar beets, barley

2/3 of British farm income is: Livestock products

  • 50% of all the food needed must be imported

Cattle pig sheep cattle are most important
Cattle/Pig/Sheep(Cattle are most important)


  • Fish is plenty

  • Export Haddock, Cod, Mackerel

  • Chief fishing port is city of Hull.

Constitutional monarchy
Constitutional Monarchy

House of Lords

House of Commons

Elected by people.

Elections every 5 years

646 Members

Prime Minister:

1)Chosen by the majority party

2) Appoints a cabinet and runs gov’t

  • Nobleman

  • Church of England Bishops

  • Life Appointees

  • Has little legislative power but constitutes the highest judicial body in the land.

  • 618 members

Princess diana
Princess Diana

Name the picture
Name the Picture


London BFI IMAX Cinema

(James Bond)

Daniel Craig

Buckingham palace where the royal family lives
Buckingham PalaceWhere the Royal Family Lives

Windsor castle oldest largest inhabited in world
Windsor Castle(Oldest & largest inhabited in world)

Willy wonka the chocolate factory
Willy Wonka & the ChocolateFactory

Prime minister of uk gordon brown
Prime Minister of UK:Gordon Brown

Famous people
Famous People

Isaac Newton(1642–1727) physicist, mathematician

Charles Darwin(1809–1882) naturalist

Famous people1
Famous People

David Beckham(1975–) soccer player

John Lennon(1940–1980) singer, songwriter

Famous people2
Famous People

Anthony Hopkins (1937–) actor

Winston Churchill(1874–1965) statesman


  • Kids start school by age four or five, and they wear uniforms in every form (grade).

  • At age 16, students take a test to earn a sort of graduation diploma. If they want to go to college, they stay in school for two more years and take another test to get in.


  • Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the UK. International matches attract huge crowds, and top players are treated like movie stars. Rugby,golf (which was invented by Scots in the 1500s), and tennis are also popular. Cricket isCricket, somewhat like baseball, is an outdoor game played with a flat bat and a ball. Other favorite forms of recreation include swimming, snooker (a billiards game), darts, and squash.