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Brian. Timmy A.Y. ‘s Biology project 6201 (2000-2001) 6s. Objective :. Through this project, something which affects the brain and some methods of unsealing of brain will be introduced. Now, let think about what is the structure of our brain.

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Timmy A.Y. ‘s Biology project

6201 (2000-2001)


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Objective :

  • Through this project, something which affects the brain and some methods of unsealing of brain will be introduced.

  • Now, let think about what is the structure of our brain.

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The import ant of brain

  • The brain is not only determine our intelligence, but also the temperament, healthiness, attitude, sociability……

  • From this, the brain designs our behaviour.

  • Therefore, if we want a perfect life, we should know how to make use of our brain.

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The potential of our brain

  • 90% of our brain has never been opened up.

  • The brain is made up of about 100 million brain cell.

  • The brain cell looks like an octopus which have a central called nucleus.

  • Actually, the coordination of the nucleus can be developed.

  • The latest research suggests that the brain may not degenerate if we can use the brain continuously even elderly. (like the feet)

  • In fact, the degeneration is caused by lazy.

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The physlological factors of intelligence effect

  • *Sleeping

  • Foods

  • *Good habits

  • The negative ion surrounding you

*discuss in detail

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  • Sleeping is a must:

  • After a day work, your body must be tired and stress must be create by the homework, test, job……

  • They are regarded as prison or miscellaneous of the brain. Of cause, they will worsen our mind.

  • And sleeping is a measures to clear up them.

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  • Over sleeping is harmful:

  • Have you tried that you have slept many hours a day but you still feel sleepy and can’t concentrate on your work? Why?

  • Because the quality and quantity are both important.

  • Quality:

  • Due to the natural physiological clock, we will be more penetrated in the night than the day time.

  • In the dark, the brain regulates a lower body temperature that we can enjoy our rest more and vice versa.

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  • Therefore, we should sleep at night as far as possible.(sleep early and get up early) Otherwise, you will still feel sleepy no matter how many hours that you have slept at dawn.

  • Quantity:

  • 6-9 hours per day

  • Remember! Don’t sleep too long or short.

Dreaming l.jpg
Dreaming: possible.(sleep early and get up early) Otherwise, you will still feel sleepy no matter how many hours that you have slept at dawn.


Electric wave of brain (Hz)




  • Sleep divides into two parts:

  • Asleep

  • Rapid Eye Movement Sleep




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The relationship between sleeping and learning possible.(sleep early and get up early) Otherwise, you will still feel sleepy no matter how many hours that you have slept at dawn.

  • Studying just before sleeping is more efficient.

  • Dream is used for consolidating memory and creating.

  • Through dreaming, the poison and miscellaneous(tired and stress) can be filtered out.

  • Moreover, dreaming can rebuild our experiments and put all these things into the long term memory.

  • The more the things you have done in the day time, the more the dreams you have.

  • And dreaming happens at the REM periods.

  • And, children have more dreams and REM. Why?

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Good habits information from their surroundings.

  • Our body and mind affect the ability of brain, and your habits also affect your body and mind.

  • Therefore, good habits can affect the brain, too.

  • Here are some guideline for you to follow:

    1. Drink a big cup of warm water

    2. Have a well protein-contained breakfast

    3. Go to dreck(大便) in the morning

    4. Take a rest about 5-15 minutes after meal

    5. Go for a walk after the rest

    6. Drink about 8 cups of water a day

Alpha wave of the brain 7 14 hz l.jpg
Alpha wave of the brain information from their surroundings.(7-14 Hz)

  • The frequency of alpha wave is between 7-14 Hz.

  • If we can enter this alpha state and concentrate, then we also can be a talent, however, it is very difficult. As alpha state means relaxation.

  • If we can always exist in

    this region, it is good for our brain

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The methods of unsealing your brain information from their surroundings.

  • Example

  • Listening music

  • Lateral thinking

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Listening music information from their surroundings.

  • Classical music:

  • The classical music of Europe (baroque music) can make us cleverer.

  • Baroque music means the European music produced in 1600-1750. Such as the music of Bach and Handel.

  • We should choose the music which is 60 beats per minute.

  • Since the frequency is close to the natural frequency of human like the heartbeat and pulses.

  • Then Resonance between the human and music can reach easier.

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  • Moreover, the brain wave will reach Alpha state. Spirit will become peace and body will relax.

  • Furthermore, the sound of cello and violin which near the human voice can be easier to produce resonance than other musical instrument.

    Rock and Roll:

  • Rock and Roll will disturb the operation of brain, that means it will make us foolish and affects us learning.

  • It is because the tempo of Rock and roll is short---short---long---

  • This opposes the frequency of human and hurt our health.

  • Of cause, it will affect our study.

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Lateral thinking become peace and body will relax.

  • Lateral thinking is a creative thinking method which is not in logic. (know to take a turn)

  • With regard to a question, we will answer it from lateral, imaginative, humorous, and indirect ways.

  • Who is you brother?

  • Now, you is gardener and is ordered to plant 4 trees in equal distance in the garden.

  • Moreover, it can help us to solve the problem.

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The power of the right and left brain may easily be solved.

  • The responsibility of the right and left brain:

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  • The thinking way of left brain has may easily be solved.sequence which means finishing one point before starting another point.

  • The thinking way of right brain has no sequence but directly.

  • Although we use both of the brains, most of us use the left one more frequently.

  • Therefore, the left brain is more developed than the right one.

  • If we can make use of the right brain and cooperate with the left brain, we will be smarter.

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Trianing your right brain may easily be solved.

  • Playing music or artwork actively:

    Such as learning drawing, musical instrument, designing, songs producing.

  • Listening to Baroque music:

    The harmonious and rhythmical feeling of the music stimulate the brain, moreover,it can help to coordinate the right and the left brain.

  • Lateral thinking:

    It have been mentioned above. Try to answer the question in another way, that means don’t use the normal way.

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Studying efficiently may easily be solved.

  • Some researches point out that the people with high IQ must be able to concentrate, so we should learn how to focus our mind on studying, we may then have a better result.

  • Thinking and studying in a tranquil room:

    -the disturbances like the sound of TV, families can be prevented, then you can have your own space to thinking.

  • By using a pencil when you are reading:

    -we can use pencil and ruler to underline to the points during reading otherwise you mind will easy to fly away. But it is no meaning to underline the points more than 40%, therefore, selectively.

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That can force you to concentrate. may easily be solved.

  • By using a pencil to help thinking (brainstorming):


    1. Write down some important words

    2. Write down the things relate to these words.

    3. Consider each of these and determine whether they are correct or not.

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  • Taking notes when reading: may easily be solved.

    -After reading a paragraph select what are important and write it down.

    -Remember you need not write to long but you should understand what the sentence or short paragraph is talking.

  • Reciting:

    - Method:

    After you have studied a paragraph, ask yourself what you have learnt and answer it.

    And it is no need to recite all the words but the meaning.

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The comparison of I.Q. may easily be solved.

The comparison of I.Q.

  • Male and female:

  • Male is more sensitive in space and direction, so most of the boys are good at science like Phys, Mathematics.

  • Female perform better in the language than male, that’s why most of the girls good at Chinese, English. You can see that their pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar is better.

  • Although most of the succeed people is man, the chance of man to be mental disable is higher.

The comparison of i q of male and female l.jpg
The comparison of I.Q. of male and female may easily be solved.

Number of people



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  • Between stirps: may easily be solved.

  • Normally the I.Q. of the Yellow race (黃種人) is higher than the White people. And the I.Q. of White people is higher than the Negro (黑人).

  • The Negro who lives in another place will have a higher I.Q.

  • So the cause of it is still a secret. Some people suggest that it is because of the heredity and some dispute that the reason is the environment.

The i q of white people and negro l.jpg
The I.Q. of White people and Negro may easily be solved.

Number of people


White people

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Test yourself may easily be solved.

  • There are 4 test for you:

  • Testing your ability of learning

  • Testing your ability of creating

  • Testing your ability of action

  • Testing your ability of leading

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  • Test 1(ability of learning): may easily be solved.

  • Like playing with elderly friends

  • Get along with adult well

  • Like accompany adult rather than young children

  • Like reading biography (傳記) and reference book

  • Having a strong curiosity and like asking question

  • Abundant of vocabulary

  • Specking fluently and abundantly

  • Fond of reading book

  • Creative

  • Having a good memory

  • Can note down large amount of information

  • Having a keen (敏銳) timeliness

  • Learning fast and easy

  • Be aware of surroundings

  • Answering quickly and easily

  • Your answer suppose to be right

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17. Understanding the causality ( may easily be solved.因果關係) quickly

18. Like going to school and studying

19. Understanding an idea easily and quickly

20. Can make use of the things that you have learnt in other situation

21. To carry out an undertaking from start to end (做事有始有終)

22. Orderly

23. Hard working

24. Full of vitality and spirit

25. Having a strong self-motivation

26. Able to do the work yourself

27. Emulative (好勝心)

28. High expectation

29. Strong fair conception

30. Like playing puzzle

31. Commonsense

32. Good result

(marks above 90)


*The estimation may not be true, don’t be so serious.

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  • Test 2 (ability of creating): may easily be solved.

  • Thinking and and taking action elastically

  • Can cope with adversity (逆境)

  • Have many ideas and creations

  • The idea and creation are unique and innovative.

  • Independent

  • Dislike restriction

  • Like adventure

  • Have invention

  • Like day dreaming

  • Full of imagination

  • Like drawing in details

  • Don’t afraid of differing from the others

  • Willing to adventure

  • Dislike current situation (不安於現狀)

  • Like giving constructive criticism to others

  • Giving constructive suggestions

Slide36 l.jpg

17. Chasing advancement, innovation, and alteration may easily be solved.

18. Sensitive to the beautiful things

19. Good at understanding others (善解人意)

20. Understanding yourself

21. Honest to yourself

22. Full of humor

23. Full of confident

24. Stable mood

25. To be a hotblood easily

26. Humorsome (easy to be stimulate)

27. Angry easily

28. Dislike boring work

29. Willing to set a target

30. Awareness of problems

31. Balance in physical and mental

32. Choosing a work which can create and perform your potential if you have an opportunity


Slide37 l.jpg

  • Test 3 (ability of leading): may easily be solved.

  • Insisting on and right responsibility

  • Dislike boring work

  • Concentrate one’s attention

  • Interest in the argument problem

  • Like making decision

  • Interest in ethics (道德和倫理) problem

  • High expectation

  • Responsibility

  • Be welcome people

  • Get along well with others

  • You will still full of confident, no matter how old are the people are in front of you

Slide38 l.jpg

12. Adaptability may easily be solved.

13. Planning a project elastically

14. Like getting along people

15. Curious to others

16. The producer of activities

17. People want to ask you suggestion

18. Willing to different idea

19. Attending many social activities

20. You are the leading

among the people

21. Speaking fluently


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  • Test 4 (Ability of Action): may easily be solved.

  • Good health

  • Energetic

  • Nimble skill (身手敏捷)

  • Strong sense of rhythm

  • Good cooperation of action

  • Having a big body size when you are young

  • Animated

  • Good at physical balance

  • Walking quickly

  • Attending sport activities

  • Attending the activities whether than being a spectator


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How high is your intelligent? may easily be solved.

How intelligent are you?

  • Adding the marks in these 4 tests.

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Thank may easily be solved.