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Update EAZA Education Committee. Lissabon, April 2008. Most important actions New structure/ communication process Organogram. 1. Most important actions. Appointment of EAZA Executive Office staffmember as education liaison;

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Update eaza education committee

Update EAZA Education Committee

Lissabon, April 2008

Update eaza education committee

1 most important actions
1. Most important actions

  • Appointment of EAZA Executive Office staffmember as education liaison;

  • Set up communication working group (Morten Smetana and Peter Haase) to improve communication EAZA Education Committee and stimulate actions;

  • Update education section EAZA Accreditation Questionnaire;

  • Update education section EAZA Screening Team Questionnaire;

  • Update EAZA Education Standards (2001);

  • Set up of a new structure of working groups.

2 new structure communication process
2. New structure/communication process

The EAZA Education Committee and education within EAZA needs to become much more visible. To improve visibility and communication, the following things have been and will be done:

Draft of new structure
Draft of new structure:

January 2008Working groups:

  • Evaluation & visitor studies working group

    Main task: To evaluate educational practices

  • Educational training working group

    Main task: To set up an education programme for training/courses (e.g. for the EAZA Academy)

  • Conservation working group

    Main task: To strongly promote (and support) zoo and aquarium conservation education

  • Environment working group

    Main task: To initiate (and support) zoo and aquarium education on climate change and other environmental issues, as well as sustainability

Update eaza education committee


  • Sustainability taskforce

    Main task: To strongly promote (and support) zoo and aquarium education onsustainability

  • Climate change taskforce

    Main task: To strongly promote (and support) zoo and aquarium education on climate changeAdvisory groups:

  • Advisory group on exhibit design

    Main task: To provide input on exhibit design, e.g. via husbandry guidelines

  • Advisory group on Regional Collection Planning

    Main task: To provide advice in Regional Collection Planning

  • Advisory group on EZE and EAZA Conferences

    Main task: To provide support to conferences

Update eaza education committee

This new structure has to grow and

experimenting may be necessary

Time schedule
Time Schedule:

January – April 2008

  • Recruitment of members for working groups

    July 2008

  • New working group members have reviewed the initially set up working group tasks (were they sufficient?)

  • All working groups have set up an action plan, thereby considering the Committee Action Plan

    September 2008

  • All working group members will meet during the EAZA Annual Conference so the Education Committee can come up with a final Working Group Structure


  • Transform the EAZA Education Committee into a policy making steering group;

  • Synchronise with IZE and link with other committees and organisations;

  • Provide (more) input in discussions within EEPs and TAGs (e.g. with regard to RCPs);

  • Further incorporating climate change and sustainability in educational programmes;

  • Focus on conservation psychology;

  • Stimulate visitor studies and determine evaluation measures;

  • Co-organize the EZE Conference in 2009;

  • Organising more education seminars/training.

3 organogram
3. Organogram

Education Committee

Communication working group

(chair, office liaison, two committee members)

Working groups and advisory groups

Task forces