What are the benefits of egg donation
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What are the benefits of egg donation

What are the Benefits of Egg Donation?

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What are the benefits of egg donation1
What are the Benefits of Egg Donation?

  • Egg Donation is a good way to build up a family, if not likely to get own eggs or may be eggs are poor quality  or those are with repetitive failures with IVF.

  • With egg donation Women have the true feeling of parenthood and experiences all the symptoms of pregnancy, experiences labour pains and even lactates after her delivery.

What are the benefits of egg donation2
What are the Benefits of Egg Donation?

  • Method of donating egg has high success rate.

  • As the egg donation is an anonymous process, it will remain confidential

  • It is cost effective.

  • On the baby’s birth certificate the name of the Intending parents is mentioned and not the egg donor.

Reasons to choose egg donation
Reasons to choose Egg Donation

  • The following are several reasons to take the treatment of egg donation

  • Woman with ovarian failure.

  • Woman who have accomplished suitable menopause, but still need to have babies.

  • Women who have undergone bilateral oophorectomy.

  • Woman with poor response to ovarian stimulus

Reasons to choose egg donation1
Reasons to choose Egg Donation

  • Progressive maternal age above 38 years

  • Woman with high intensities of anti-thyroglobulin, anti-ovarian and anti-microsomal thyroid antibodies.

  • When woman produce poor quality of eggs for example, those with endometriosis or those with severe polycystic ovaries.

What are the benefits of egg donation3
What are the Benefits of Egg Donation?

  • Egg donation is the only choice for single man wants to start a family. To know more about advantages of Egg donation please contact us through,

  • Email: info@gurgaonfertilitycentre.com

  • Website: www.gurgaonfertilitycentre.com

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