Anglophone south school district
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Anglophone South School District.

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Anglophone south school district
Anglophone South School District

Office of the SuperintendentMillidgeville North School, Saint JohnSaint John Education Centre – former District 8Millidgeville North SchoolSenior Education Officer – Debbie ThomasSt. Stephen Education Centre – former District 10Office is part of St. Stephen Middle SchoolSenior Education Officer – Jenny MacDougallHampton Education Centre – former District 6Just moved to Hampton Elementary SchoolSenior Education Officer – Paul Smith

School based Staff – 2012-13:Teachers 1,690Other Teachers(leads, mentors, coaches) 73Education Assistants 568Bus Drivers 226Custodians 280School Administrative Assistants 122

Our Vision:“Shaping a Positive Future for Every Child/Youth” Our Mission:The mission of ASD-S is to improve achievement by engaging children and youth and working in collaboration with families, staff and communities to provide safe and inclusive learning and working environments.

Ends/Goals1. To demonstrate continuous progress toward provincial targets in literacy, numeracy and science.2. To provide positive, safe and inclusive learning and working environments for children, youth and staff.

Ends/Goals3. To strengthen engagement of families and foster community partnerships. 4. To provide opportunities for staff to learn about mental health issues in children and youth and to promote school and District wide initiatives that promote mental fitness.

What is “CELEBRATE What’s Right With the World”?

CELEBRATE is a philosophy that encourages positive thinking and an abundance mentality….

  • 7 Key Concepts of CELEBRATE are depicted beautifully in a DVD hosted by renowned photographer and motivational speaker Dewitt Jones

  • In 2006-2007 the program was introduced in School District 6 and the Greater Saint John Business Community and in 2008 unfolded in School District 8

  • The focus was on being Intentional in living the CELEBRATE philosophy and ingraining that thinking in children, parents and the business community

The 7 Concepts….

Believe it and you will see it

Recognize abundance

Look for possibilities

Unleash your energy to fix what is wrong

Ride the changes

Take yourself to the edge

Be your best for the world

Why the CELEBRATE Philosophy in Education?

  • Former District 6 had a need to address their Healthy Living agenda and leveraged the CELEBRATE philosophy to:

    • Address Emotional & Social Well Being

    • Address the outcomes from the 40 Developmental Assets Study

    • Develop a program to engage:

      • Teachers….Students….Parents

  • In Former District 6:

    • Identified school Champions

    • Created a LOGO and other collateral

    • Created Kits with Themes & Lesson Plans linked to the 7 Concepts

    • Engaged a CELEBRATE Coordinator to:

      • Bring the message to businesses, the broad community and support education

      • Engage family and friends to the same CELEBRATE philosophy

  • In Former District 8:

    • Appointed a CELEBRATE Coordinator

    • Collaborated with District 6 Coordinator

    • Leveraged the model developed

Why the CELEBRATE Philosophy Outside of Education?

  • Emotional and social health was a top priority health issue in business,education and the community

    • Canada spends over $14 billion each year

  • CELEBRATE provided an opportunity to:

    • Improve our overall well being

    • Collaborate in CELEBRATE events in education, business and the community

    • Showcase our communities as one that recognizes abundance

  • Opportunity for significant positive impacts

    • Personally

    • Professionally and

    • As a Community