The changes of architecture
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The Changes of Architecture. By: Architecture 2. DEFINITION. A rchitecture is the process and finished product of planning, designing and construction . The style of a building for a certain period place and culture . Description between old and new. Old:

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The changes of architecture

The Changes of Architecture

By: Architecture 2


Architecture is the process and finished product of planning, designing and construction. The style of a building for a certain period place and culture.

Description between old and new
Description between old and new


  • The old buildings have high ceelings and the building is influenced by the netherland people so they are usually tall

  • they usually have big ornaments around the house.

  • They usually have big space rooms rather than seperate rooms.

  • They have big windows for air circulation because before there are no air conditioner .

  • They usually have big doors and gates instead of small doors.

  • They use fences around the building


  • The new buildings have many floor because now surabaya has focused on buisness so the land is efectively used. When they need more rooms they make the building with many floor so there are enough room.

  • Most new buildings that are in the buisness level goes high

  • has many windows.

  • Most new buildings now have small doors

  • most of them do not have gates.




This is the past picture of hotel majapahit. It has been changed over time. In this picture the lobby has been changed and some buildings beside it are added.

This is the present picture. In this picture there are more lights and the lobby is decorated and now it has 2 levels. It has glass windows covering the lobby.


Brief history: Hotel majapahit was built in 1910. It was first open as Oranje hotel. It was built by Lukas Martin Sarkies. It has had many renovation and has been expanded several times.


  • The lobby is added with glass windows and it has more lights in the bottom.

  • There is a writting tunjungan city at the top of the building.

  • It has been repainted

  • Canopis are added aat the front loby and the 1st level of the building

  • The building is usually has a tower at the top but now the towqer is changed

  • The middle section that wes first a window it is now decorated.

    Reason of change:

  • The lobby is coverd by glass window because now adays the building safety needs to be protected.

  • The writing is moved to the top because it is easier to see rather then the writing in the 1st floor.

  • The canopi is added only to decorate and it looks more modern and it looks like store these days.

  • The building tower now has more shape, it is now bigger and there are lights in it to make it more modern.

  • The middle section is removedalso to make it look medern and so that it has better design.

  • It is still a hotel up to now.




This is a picture of gereja HKY in the past. Before the color of the building is yellow, it is before not really crowdid but it is still used.

This is a picture of gereja HKY now. It is repainted and now the color is white. It is now known and it is more crowdid.


Brief History:

It was build at 27 April 1914. The designer was Ed Cypres Bureau and the architect was Huswit-Fermont. It was used firstly on 21st July 1921.


  • They expand the building.

  • Also some of the furniture have beeen changed

  • There are some statues added in the building

  • It is repainted

  • Some new gadget and technology is added like the lamp and speaker

    Reason of Change:

  • They expand due to more people that come there.

  • They add and changed some furniture due to the age and the quality of the furniture.

  • They add more statues due to the addition of cultural rules.

  • It is repainted because of the paint and the wall start to chip

  • Gadget are added like speaker so that the people in the back can still hear the sound.

  • It is still a church and it is still used.




This is a picture of the past Siola. The past Siola is not really decorated. It is still plain and has less lights.

This is a picture of Siola now. Siola is now added with more decoration. It has more lights that decorate the front.


Brief history:

Siola is located in Tunjungan road. At around 1877 Robert Laidlaaw made a shop that has very many branch and one of them is in surabaya.


  • The lobby is added with glass windows and it has more lights in the bottom.

  • There is a writting tunjungan city at the top of the building.

  • It has been repainted

  • Canopis are added aat the front loby and the 1st level of the building

  • The building is usually has a tower at the top but now the tower is changed

  • The middle section that wes first a window it is now decorated.

  • It is still like a market but now it changed to a fruit market because their business did not have many profits




This is picture of Zangrandi is taken around the evening time. The lights are on. More visitors come at the evening- night.

This picture of Zangrandi is taken in Jalan Yos Sudarsoaround 1920-1930 at night.



  • Zangrandi did some renovation such as the name “Zangrandi” and now it looks more modern. Before it was “Bar” and “Tutti-Frutti- Ice-Cream”.

  • They added the roof like shops nowadays. They didn’t have the red roof and their building is more to the Dutch style.

  • The tall building that look like clock tower is not there now.

  • Brief History: Zangrandi was build on 1930 by an Italian man name RenatoZangrandi.

  • Some furniture are still old.

    Purpose of Change:

  • They name “bar” is change into “zangrandi” because it’s still an ice-cream shop but it’s no longer a bar.

  • The building change a little bit to modern because the world is now developing so they change the model to attract people but they don’t change all.

  • It did not change purpose it is still an ice cream shop




This picture of SMA ST. LOUIS is taken around1930.

SMA ST. LOUIS now. The walls are repaint.



  • SMA St. Louis building stays the same like in the past but it’s repainted.

  • The building is now added with balcony.

    Purposes of change:

  • They repaint the walls because the old one is cracking but some paint is not changing like 

  • The building is added with balcony so that students and teacher can stand there to get fresh air. But not all class have balcony.




This is the picture of the past postofice in Kebon Rejo. Before it is still plain and the color is still white.

This is the picture of the present postofice in Kebon Rejo. It is now repainted and the color is now orange.



  • the rooftops and buildings are more modern and more modern

  • the front yard is used for parking lot these days

  • the building is smaller

  • has more colorful colors

  • the building has different patterns since it was a school

  • they have different order of building

    Purpose of changes 

  • they change styles since the school was designed so they change the order of building to be much matching with the related building kantor pos kebonrojo and To make more modern design

  • they change the front yard for a parking lot, so that

  • peoples can have more comfortable location

  • the building is smaller because they have enough place and size of the building

  • it has more colorful colors, because they want more attract to people and make more modern design than the past design

  • they use different pattern because the school building design does not really precise for their design and they wanted to make more attractive on their building

  • they use different order of building because they want to make more comfortable place to make the right position

  • It is still a school up to now




This is the old or past picture of Jembatan merah. It was first more dark and there were less lights and decorations.

This is the present picture of Jembatan merah. It is now more decorated with lights fences and many other things.


Brief history:

The red bridge have been used for war in the past and the jembatanmerah have been used for enemies invade coming, the amount of army mostly died there invaded and that is why the bridge is striking with red color .


  • they use more lights

  • they add jembatanmerah plaza nearby the bridge

  • it is repainted

  • ffences are added

  • the roadway is refixed for the street way

  • they don’t use the river for boats anymore

    purpose of changes:

  • they use more lights for the street ways at night

  • they build the jembatanmerah plaza mall to interest people and make the historic story still interesting

  • they repaint to gain more attention to people and keep the history with Surabaya

  • fences are added for the lights and to use more pattern design for jembatanmerah

  • the roadway is fixed so that people still can pass the bridge

  • they have different process for not using the boats anymore because in the modern days they don’t have interest on using boats in the jembatanmerah

  • It is still abridge but a normal bridge. It is used daily.




This is the past photo of Stasiun Semut. Before the place was bigger and it is taken care of.

This is the present photo of Stasiun Semut. Now the back part is destroyed and now it is now not really big and it is not really taken care of.


Brief History:

Surabaya City Station was built in a connection with rail Surabaya, Malang and Pasuruan also built in the 1870, and the station was inaugurated on May 16, 1878.


  • they use different style and design for the doors and the roadway is changed for streets.

  • They add more fancy wallpaper design

  • They don’t use any flags to interest people these days

  • they paint more colorful design such as (doors,windows etc)….

  • Purpose of changes

  • people have less interest in the past design and so they make more fancy design for entertainment to peoples and more interesting design pattern.

  • people mostly have more concentration in streets and roadways walking for transportations

  • people don’t use flags anymore in this stasiunsemut because people will suggest more than just an old fashioned flag and start with modern design

  • It is still used but relly less use than the first time.

Interview result
Interview Result

  • Interview questions:

  • Where are you from? Surabaya

  • How long have you stayed in Surabaya?50 years

  • What are the old buildings that you know ?gereja katolik kelahiran santa perawan maria, stasiun semut, hotel majapahit.

  • What do you think are the changes of the building architecture?

  • Gereja katolik kelahiran santa perawan maria: sampai sekarang gereja itu masih dipelihara dan dipakai dengan baik. Ada tambahan tiga gedung baru yaitu rumah pastor, kantor, ruang rapat. Kedua gua maria untuk berdoa. Ketiga ruang poliklinik. Untuk desainnya tetap tidak ada yang berbeda.

  • Stasiun semut: dahulu ini adalah stasiun pusat, banyak menolong orang berpergian dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, dahulu sangat ramai. Sekarang di jual ke developer untuk dijadikan untuk mall. Yang ada sekarang adalah puing puing sisa bangunan dan tembok besar bagian depan.

Interview result1
Interview Result

  • Hotel majapahit: dulu hotel ini hanya untuk orang belanda, bendera yang berkibar adalah bendera belanda. Sekarang hotel ini terbuka untuk umum, bendera yang berkibar bendera indonesia. Gedung bangunanya terpelihara dengan baik. Fungsinya tetap sama untuk hotel. Struktur dasarnya sama hanya berbeda dekorasi dekorasinya.

  • What do you think are the purpose of the change?

  • Stasiun semut: itu berali fungsi sesuai dengan perkembangan zaman.

  • Are the changes major or soes it still have the same design? untuk stasiun semut banyak perubahan yang terjadi.

  • What do you think is the reason of change of style? Yang tidak berubah fungsinya tetap sama.

  • Did you think that the changes are useful? Untuk stasiun semut sebenarnya tidak perlu terjadi perubahan dan fungsinya.

  • How did you respond to the change? Dissapointed. Menulis opini di surat kabar.


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