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Tutoring Overview. Course Tutoring. Valeria Mirabella General aspects of HCI and projects valeria.mirabella@gmail.com Web: http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~mirabell Office hours should be agreed-upon by email. Supporting instructors.

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Course tutoring
Course Tutoring

  • Valeria MirabellaGeneral aspects of HCI and projects

    valeria.mirabella@gmail.comWeb: http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~mirabell

    • Office hours should be agreed-upon by email


Project Overview

Supporting instructors
Supporting instructors

  • Massimo MecellaSome technologies to be possibly adopted during project implementation

    • NUIs – Natural User Interfaces

      • Use of Leap-Motion

    • Android development

      Email: mecella@dis.uniroma1.itWWW: www.dis.uniroma1.it/~mecella/ricevimento.htm (for office hours)http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~mecella/didattica/2014/HCI/ (for teaching material)

  • Loredana Di LucchioLorenzo ImbesiSupport related to Product DesignEmail: loredana.dilucchio@uniroma1.it lorenzo.imbesi@uniroma1.it


Project Overview


  • Introduction

  • Teams

  • Topics

  • Final discussion

  • Prerequisites

  • Software Support


Project Overview


The curriculum is structured to cover the end-to-end process of a research and development product cycle modifications or new applications to their existing human-to-machine technology.

The main goal of the project is not focused on particular algorithmic techniques or computer technologies but on developing a broad set of skills needed for user-centered design.


Project Overview


  • Teams starts to be defined today and should be clearly identified by end of March

  • Teams composition

    • 2/3 computer scientists2/3 students from industrial design

  • Every team should have team leader, who is in charge of coordinating the others and possibly be present at each office hours (independently of the specific professors)


Project Overview

Suggested skills for computer scientists
Suggested skills(for computer scientists)

  • WWW application development

    • PHP

    • Java servlets/JSPs

  • Java programming (or other languages, to be discussed with the instructors)

  • Engineering and design

    • UML

  • Database design and realization


Project Overview


  • During the course, some general themes will be introduced

  • Starting from the theme, a team should develop a project idea and realize it

    • Industrial design students will be mainly in charge of the phase theme  concrete project idea (with mock-ups of the interfaces/interactions)

    • Computer scientists will be mainly in charge of the phase concrete project idea  running system to be demonstrated during the exam


Project Overview

Final discussion 1
Final discussion (1)

  • The final project must be presented in one of the scheduled project discussion date

  • There will be one discussion date for each exam session

  • Students are expected to check the project discussion date on the course website

  • It is mandatory to notify the tutor (i.e., Valeria Mirabella) by email about the date in which you intend to discuss the project


Project Overview

Final discussion 2
Final discussion (2)

  • The project discussion consists of

    • a brief presentation of the work done (ppt file)

    • the final written report (doc/pdf file)

    • the running prototype

  • Project documentation and a virtual machine with all the running prototype and demonstration should be delivered on a cd/dvd + pen drive (for copying, it will be given back to you )

  • Each team should plan to talk for approximately 30 minutes, and each student should present at least a few slides (each one should “speak”)


Project Overview