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Alice – Advanced!. Michelle Venable-Foster June 2006. Background Music!. If you’d like to have a soundtrack play for the duration of your animation, you will have to create new event , and select When the world starts .

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Alice advanced

Alice – Advanced!

Michelle Venable-Foster

June 2006

Adventures in Animation

Background music
Background Music!

  • If you’d like to have a soundtrack play for the duration of your animation, you will have to create new event, and select When the world starts.

  • You can attach the method to any object that is in your world. Even the ground can play your background music!

  • Finally, import the .wav or .mp3 file you’d like to play!

Adventures in Animation

Create your own methods
Create Your Own Methods!

  • You can create a new method from a series of the existing methods for your objects!

  • Click on the object you want to create a method for, and select create new method.

Adventures in Animation

Create your own methods1
Create Your Own Methods!

  • Give your new method a name. Make this name meaningful and use the “intercap” technique. The intercap technique means that you use a lowercase letter for the first letter of the name, and an uppercase letter for the first letter of each additional word in the name.

    • Examples: playSound, jumpForJoy, eatFood

Adventures in Animation

Create your own methods2
Create Your Own Methods!

  • Your new method should now be out onto the Editor area, ready to be created.

  • Drag the other methods that will comprise this new method out onto the Editor area.

Adventures in Animation

Customize your objects
Customize Your Objects!

  • All of the objects in Alice have properties that can be changed.

  • For example, I can change my cow’s color to red!

Adventures in Animation

Add 3 d text
Add 3-D Text

  • You can add a title for your animation by using the 3-D text object.

  • Add an object to your world, and scroll to Create 3-D Text in the local gallery.

Adventures in Animation

Add 3 d text1
Add 3-D Text

  • Type in your text; choose your font and size.

  • Once the text is on the screen, you can use the Properties tab to change the color of the text.

  • You can also use the tools to position your text in your movie.

Adventures in Animation

Making your 3 d text disappear
Making Your 3-D Text Disappear

  • You will probably want to use the text as a title screen, so you’ll want to fade the title out after an amount of time.

  • There are two ways you can do this – by changing the isShowing property or by changing the opacity property.

Adventures in Animation

Title screen
Title Screen

This movie shows how you can fade out a title. Experiment with this methodand by changing the isShowing property. Click on the screenshot to play the movie.

Adventures in Animation

If else

  • An if/else statement is also called a conditional statement.

  • An example of a conditional statement in real life would be –

    • “If it is sunny on Saturday, we can go to the beach, otherwise we can go to the movies.”

      If – it is sunny on Saturday we can go to the beach

      Else – we can go to the movies.

Adventures in Animation

If else1

You will get a short menu asking you if you want a true or false condition. Choose true.

Experiment with this code for the next few minutes. Ask your neighbor or the instructor if you need help. You will have to think for this part!

Adventures in Animation


  • You can have a block of code repeat for a certain number of times.

  • You can choose one of the numbers in the drop-down menu, or determine your own by selecting other.

Adventures in Animation


  • You can also use the while command to have code repeat for a certain amount of times.

  • You will have to create a new variable.

Adventures in Animation

Creating a new variable

Give your variable a name and choose a Type.

I have named my variable count and given it the type number and its value is 5.

Creating A New Variable

Adventures in Animation


In this example, I want the code to repeat while count is less than 5.

This means that the code will repeat 5 times, since I will start my count at 0.


Adventures in Animation

While less than 5.

  • You have to give your variable an initial (beginning) value.

Adventures in Animation

While less than 5.

  • You will have to add 1 to your variable. This is called incrementing.

  • Drag the count variable tile from the top of the method and drop a copy in the While tile after the other instructions. When you do this, a short menu will appear asking you how you want to set the value of count.

  • Choose set value, choose expressions, and then click count.

  • Now the tile says count set value to count. You need to build a math expression so that the tile will say count set value to count + 1.

Adventures in Animation

Incrementing the variable
Incrementing The Variable less than 5.

  • Click the second word count, and select math from the menu that appears.

  • Then select count + and then 1.

  • Now, first method should match the specifications as shown below.

Adventures in Animation

Let s test the movie
Let’s Test The Movie! less than 5.

  • If I have coded correctly, my cow should make a popping sound 5 times. Click on the picture to play the movie.

Adventures in Animation

And the emmy goes to
And The Emmy Goes To…! less than 5.

  • Now, it’s time for you to pull out all the stops!

  • For the rest of “Alice Time”, you are to create a cinematic masterpiece!

  • Remember to be creative and spell your words correctly!

Adventures in Animation