Integrating technology into the curriculum
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Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum. Session 10: Managing Technology in the Classroom & Digital Citizenship. Agenda. Centering exercise Announcements / reminders Integrating and Managing Technology in the Classroom Digital citizenship presentations / discussion Break

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Integrating technology into the curriculum

Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum

Session 10:

Managing Technology in the Classroom


Digital Citizenship


Centering exercise

Announcements / reminders

Integrating and Managing Technology in the Classroom

Digital citizenship presentations / discussion


Technology hands-on


  • For Wednesday:

    • Blog posting #.

    • Tech tool #3.

    • Web library.

    • Webquest.

  • Next week: Tech integrated lessons.

Planning for tech integration
Planning for tech integration

TPCK: Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

Technology Integration Planning


Technology Knowledge

Pedagogical Knowledge

Content Knowledge


Each knowledge domain interacts with the others, so…

Just as pedagogical knowledge will affect content knowledge and vice versa; technological knowledge will affect the other knowledges.

And they will affect technology integration.

Integration strategies
Integration strategies

What are your goals?

Based on student needs:

Dimensions of tech use


Roblyer and Doering strategies grid

(also linked from Integration Strategies page of wiki)

Planning for integration
Planning for integration

Lesson goals always come first.

Consider what technology will support lesson where.

Consider available resources (time, equipment, your skills, student skills).

Consider appropriate technology integration strategy for lesson goals (drill, tutor, webquest, PBL, etc.)

Wiki page on Managing tech in the classroom

Planning for integration 2
Planning for integration (2)

Incorporate technology into lesson plan.

Focus the students.

Practice, practice, practice on equipment you will be using.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

And after it happens…

Reflect on what happened, how to do better.

More tips
More tips

Be friends with the school’s tech coordinator

Practice practicepractice!

Have a Plan B and a Plan C

“It worked fine at home!”

Do as much prep work as possible so students can focus on lesson essentials.


“Citizen - A person that is a legally recognized as a member of a state, with associated rights and obligations”

Member of a community.



Nets and digital citizenship
NETS and digital citizenship

“Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.


advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.

exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.

demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.

exhibit leadership for digital citizenship.”

Digital citizenship
Digital citizenship

Marshall McLuhan etc. again

Technologies = media

Media mediate

Changes in media: enhance, obsolesce, recover, reverse

Changes in media require a revisit to norms of relationships

Good manners are always in style

Digital citizenship1
Digital citizenship


Fair use


Social media


Digital divide

Generation m 2 report
Generation M2 report

Are children spending too much time with media?

How should schools respond?

Do you spend too much time with media?


10 minutes please…

Evaluating tools
Evaluating tools

In small groups:

  • Go to our class wiki, to the “E-sheets” page or the “Extending the classroom” page

  • Each group will be assigned a tool

  • Explore the site (10 minutes or so), from the student point-of-view and the teacher point-of-view

  • In your group, discuss your site (5 minutes). Think about the criteria you are using to evaluate the site.

  • Prepare a short presentation to share with the class, giving your evaluation (5 minutes max).